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triple bowl kitchen sink stainless steel

Jun 01, 2017

Yesterday a netizen asked me what the advantages of stainless steel Three-groove, should not start. Stainless steel Three-groove as the name suggests, more than the double groove more than a groove body, but many of this slot is not dedicated to washing, but for the garbage cans loaded. I'm going to give you a detailed description of the following:


1, do not stoop to litter. Some housewives especially in the elderly, waist is not very good, usually wash dishes to cook often bend the action than more, such as bending from the cupboard to find something, from the disinfection cabinet to take some table-ware, there is sink litter and so on. and stainless steel three trough from the garbage cans, this simplifies a lot of limb movements, and so on after dinner, just have to dump the rubbish to the kitchen of the big trash can, there is a garbage processor to grind into the sewers.


2,Complete function with tool holder. Because of the three-groove more garbage can this length, most of the garbage can be round or square, so sink manufacturers generally in the front of the dustbin set a small wing plate position, this position can be arbitrarily put something.

And basically all three groove with the tool holder, the tool holder can be very good drain on the dry knife, no longer have to worry about the wooden knife inside, resulting in moldy decay.

3, high configuration, luxurious atmosphere. The three-groove mixer adopts most of the pumping faucet or the universal faucet, the luxurious atmosphere, especially for the large kitchen, or the medium-sized kitchen. And after installation, obviously the kitchen to lift gas to add a lot of.


1, small kitchen is not suitable. The size of the three-groove is generally 90cm to 1 meters, the length is not short, so the small kitchen is certainly not applicable. Small kitchen Friends recommend a double slot or a single slot.

2, the price is more expensive, this can be understood, because a lot of things, so the price of the product with the brand is much more expensive.