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To follow or not to follow: Kitchen Design Trends

Jun 25, 2018

In the part decade, people have been chasing trends and hype all over the world. Branding and sales are now all about the hype. When we see something trending, we have the tendency to choose that over something more practical. Same goes for home decors. Lots of homeowner imitate celebrity homes or in style kitchen and bathroom trends.


But we often forget that all trends end and would get forgotten in time. This means that your kitchen design would some day be out of style. When designing your kitchen, it is better to think long term not just what is currently in style. With the current economy, not a lot of people could afford constantly revamping their kitchen. Therefore, it is vital for homeowners to pick timeless designs and styles. Something that even after a decade, you would look at it and still feel satisfied with it.


When considering a design for your kitchen, one thing to always ask is if this particular style would last for more than a decade, that it isn’t a gimmicky or short term style. I personally prefer homey and very inviting kitchen decor, as my family spends a lot of time hanging around the kitchen.

undermount kitchen sink.jpg