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Tips For Choosing Stainless Steel Sink

Jun 17, 2020

How to choose and buy stainless steel sinks for your kitchen or bathroom? We have some advice for your reference.

1. The thickness of the sink steel plate:

The sink material is preferably SUS304DDQ stainless steel plate, the material thickness is moderate, preferably 0.8mm-1.0mm, too thin affects the service life and strength of the sink, and losing the strength is too easy to damage the washed dishes.

2. Depth:

Under normal circumstances, the cleaning tank with large volume has good practicability, and the depth is better at 20cm, which can effectively prevent the splash of water splashes. At the same time, the depth is also an important indicator that reflects the grade of the tank. The double-tank sink with a depth greater than 18cm It belongs to high-end products.

3. Anti-noise treatment:

The bottom of the high-quality sink is sprayed or glued with a rubber sheet and does not fall off, which can reduce the noise caused by the tap water from the impact of the basin bottom and play a buffering role.

4. Surface treatment:

The surface of the high-quality water tank is smooth, the gloss is soft visually, it is not easy to stick oil, it is easy to clean, and it is wear-resistant.

5. Inner corner treatment:

The inner corner of the high-quality sink is close to 90 degrees, the vision in the sink is larger, and the volume of the basin is larger.

6. Supporting parts:

High-quality water-dropping head requires wall thickness, smooth treatment, no water leakage when the cage is closed, durable and comfortable to touch the beads. The downpipe requires environmentally friendly disposable materials, has the functions of easy installation, deodorization, heat resistance, aging resistance, etc. and is durable.

7. Sink molding process:

The integrated molding technology solves the problem of leakage caused by the corrosion of the weld seam due to the welding of the basin body, which cannot withstand the corrosion of various chemical liquids (such as detergents, stainless steel cleaners, etc.). The one-piece forming process is a particularly important process, which has high requirements on the material of the steel plate. What kind of process is used is a clear manifestation of the quality of the sink.

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