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ticor 16-gauge stainless steel undermount kitchen sink

Jun 13, 2017

With the improvement of living standards, more and more consumers began to choose our stainless steel sink manufacturers stainless steel sinks, whenever there are customers to buy, our sales staff will give customers to buy high-quality stainless steel kitchen sink some small knowledge.


Good judgment of the sink

Production process First look at its production process, the existing process is divided into two welding and one-time molding, welding quality is the most important factor affecting the life of the flume, to be close, no virtual welding, a more advanced molding is also very popular, but the production process is very difficult, 0.8mm-1.0mm thickness of the best, can achieve a strong and weak elasticity perfect combination, purchase can be used as a standard;

Surface smoothness, the line of sight and the water sink to maintain the same, the edge of the sink should not be convex, not warping, error is less than 0.1mm;

Accessories, PP material or UPVC rigid under the water pipe seal high, can eliminate the leakage, the mouth must have a ball positioning, squeeze-type sealing and Taiwan-controlled water, can quickly store water, overflow port device to ensure the safety of the kitchen, but also have to deal with noise, silencer pad or silencer coating is a good way;

Sink depth, from the European and American families, we used to use a thicker tableware, so the depth of the sink also need to consider, 180mm-200mm more appropriate.