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Things you need to know about dull stainless steel sink

Nov 20, 2017

Things you need to know about dull stainless steel sink


1. Harsh abrasive is a big no no! Abrasives can scratch your stainless steel sink, leaving unwanted marks on it. Make sure to use moderate abrasive in cleaning your stainless steel sink. As for daily maintenance, a damp soft cloth with do.

2. Avoid visible scratches by rubbing the sinks in the direction of the grains. Stainless steel with brushed satin finished are polished in one direction and in order to maintain its beauty, you must remember to rub your sinks in the same direction.

3. Immediate remove harsh cleaning agent when it comes in contact with your sink. It is hard to avoid getting the sink in contact with harsh chemicals or cleaning agent. But make sure that there is no prolong exposure of these chemicals to your sink. It will dull your sinks even more.

4. Vinegar is your friends! Rubbing the sink with vinegar can remove hard water spots. No water spots means stunning looking sink.

5. Olive oil is not only for cooking! Olive oil is great for boosting the luster and shine of your stainless steel sink. a few drops of olive oil in a soft cloth is enough to bring your sink back to life. Make sure you coat it evenly and lightly.  Too much oil can have the opposite effect to your sink.

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