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The correct maintenance of the sink

Jan 05, 2018

After the stainless steel kitchen sink is installed, daily proper maintenance is a key factor in determining how long the stainless steel sink will last. Here are some tips on how you can maintain your kitchen sink:

1. When usinga stainless steel kitchen sink for the first time, remember to release water for 5-10 minutes first, which is conductive to drain water containing rusting material in the water pipe. Secondly, wipe the surface of the sink with a soft cloth. It is better to continiouslyrelease water for 2 or 3 times to ensure that the rust in the water is discharged.

2.Ask the builders to wrap the sink in plastic bags after installation, do not use it until the kitchen is fully decorated.

3. Don’t wash things in the sink with strong acid and strong base. Clean the bowl of the stainless steel sink after each use.

4. If the surface of the sink rusted, immediately wipe the sink with talcum powder, rust water or 300# sandpaper.

Kitchen sink of any brand needs your maintenance, if you can obey the suggestions mentioned above when using the stainless steel sink, your stainless steel sink will always look new and will serve as a good cooking partner.

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