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Stainless steel tube sink function design and personal preference

Jun 15, 2017

"Choose according to the kitchen space"

Single-groove, double recessed kitchen for smaller space

In modern kitchen design, the function of the sink has been significantly expanded, such as the sink and cabinets connected to the place was opened up a work area, so that the water tank with the storage function. Single-trough is often the kitchen space too small family choice, can only meet the most basic cleaning function, double groove design is widely used in home, can meet the needs of cleaning and conditioning separate processing, also due to the proper possession of space and become the first choice; three-groove or sub-groove due to the design of many special-shaped, more suitable for a personalized style of the large kitchen, it also has a soaking or washing and storage of a number of functions, but also to make food separate, save time and effort. If the kitchen space is small, choose single trough, double trough the trough is more suitable; like to wash in large space, large single basin sink is a good choice. If the kitchen space is larger, can choose the range to be more broad, may choose three trough or with drain board's trough.


"Choose by personal preference"

Full utilization of corner space in arc Kitchen Basin

From a convenient and practical point of view, you can choose a freshman small "son mother" type kitchen basin. Such a kitchen basin in the use of the process can be free to adjust the storage, but also in the small trough to drain the dry cleaning dishes, vegetables. If space permits, you can add an extended table to place some of the cleaning clutter.

From a space-saving point of view, you can choose Pentagon or One-fourth round arc of the kitchen basin. These are designed specifically for the kitchen with angled or rounded corners, making full use of the corner space that is normally not available.