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stainless steel top mount single bowl kitchen sink

Jun 16, 2017

Introduction of stainless steel kitchen sink structure

Panel: The part of the surface of the sink is called the panel and the basin body portion of the sink. Stop water steps: In the sink panel pressure out of the steps to prevent water overflow sinks, overflow hole: safety design, to prevent the faucet caused by water overflow trough body, water tank: Water Trough, there are American, Chinese two kinds, drain board: Mesa function Design, can place freshly washed chopsticks or vegetables to carry out drain, bottom coating: A special coating, the main function is to reduce the faucet outflow of water hitting the bottom of the sink sound.


Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Accessories

The kitchen sink structural fittings are small in importance. Choose Kitchen sink Another very important factor is the accessories, sink faucet good and bad directly related to the cost of future maintenance, the sealing degree of water pipe, corrosion resistance is to determine whether the main factor in the future leakage; there is no steel ball positioning, squeeze-type seal, Taiwan-controlled water (that is, the sink on the table has a knob can control the sealing or drainage device), overflow port device, muffler series devices, etc. are the standard of good or bad, consumer choice needs special attention.

A water-going device may be something overlooked by most consumers, but it is a very critical part of the kitchen sink configuration. The price of the kitchen sink is also very large, good stainless steel water tank price more than hundred yuan, there are also water tanks with automatic water installation, but the function is not necessarily a good thing, start convenient, time may be a problem!

The above is the introduction of a small series of kitchen sink structure knowledge, I believe that the introduction of a small series of kitchen sink structure has a certain understanding, then in the future of life, we can according to the knowledge of the small series to buy the kitchen sink structure, so that the words will bring a lot of convenience to everyone's life, kitchen sink is a more important tool in our daily life, we must have a good love to understand the kitchen sink structure.