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Stainless steel sinks can also rust, how to maintain good

Jun 16, 2017

First, the new decoration users can be in the sinkof the appearance of a layer of oil, to avoid the decoration process of metal debris to produce floating rust. In addition, if the long-term use of water tanks, can also be used to paint a layer of oil on the sink to protect the stainless steel sink.

Second, regular cleaning of sinks, and the use of neutral detergent, and water completely clean and clean. The cleaning process should be gentle, avoid using a steel brush or a rough brush, rinse and dry with a sponge or cloth.


Do not put lemons, sauces, pickles, mustard, or other foods that are rich in salt, or with corrosive food for long periods of time in the sink and panels to prevent corrosion of the sink.

IV. Sink to avoid long-term contact with powerful bleach, household chemicals and soap.

Spare the knife and fork, cooking utensils and other sharp hard utensils impact the sink to prevent scratches or touch the appearance of the sink.

Six, do not put low carbon steel or cast iron cookware in the sink for a long time, also do not put the rubber washing dishes, moist dishwasher sponge or the rest of the cleaning mat left in the sink, to avoid long-term formation of "floating rust", "mildew spot" and so on.

VII. If the sink appears "floating rust", "mildew spot", etc., can be used five clean powder or toothpaste coated in rust and spots, wipe clean with a dishcloth, do not use hundred-clean silk, grinding piece or polishing material to clean the sink.