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Stainless Steel Sink Surface Finish

Jun 01, 2020

There are various treatment methods for the surface treatment of stainless steel sinks, which one is better? Today we will do a simple analysis

1. Pearl Noodle

Pearl surface is also called pearl silver surface, matte surface, pearl matte surface and so on. It is formed by treating the surface with chemical electrolyte and is similar to electroplating. This surface treatment process is simple, the technical content is small, and the production cost is low. The price of the manufactured products is also low, and the high quality and low price are widely favored. However, this kind of surface is not resistant to scratches, and is prone to scratches. In severe cases, the coating will peel off. Therefore, new technologies and technologies are yet to appear.

2. Matte surface

The matte surface is also called the bead surface. It is to hit the surface of the sink with fine sand particles at a high speed, so that the surface of the sink is uniformly formed into small grooves that are difficult to distinguish by the naked eye, which not only improves the hardness of the sink surface, but also improves its scratch resistance performance. The processing principle is similar to shot peening. This kind of treatment is usually a sink with a thicker wall.

3. Brushed noodles

The brushed surface is also called the silk surface. It is to use a kind of wire drawing equipment to repeatedly draw on the surface of the sink. Makes a fine line of traces on its surface, and it is also very smooth. There is a strong affinity for the sense of hand and vision. Due to the direct drawing on the surface of the sink, the requirements on the plate are also very high. Domestically produced boards generally do not reach this level, and currently most of the generally brushed boards use imported ones.

4. Embossed surface

The embossed surface is pressed with regular patterns on the surface of the sink or directly pressed with an embossed plate, and then treated with pearl surface treatment. The visual effect of the embossed surface is very beautiful, but in the kitchen, it will be dirty because of the long-term oil smoke in the pattern.

5. Mirror

It is to repeatedly polish the surface of the sink to form a mirror-like effect on the surface. This kind of treatment is generally not suitable for use in the family kitchen, and it will appear to be more graded when used in the bathroom. However, it is easy to form scratches during use.