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Stainless steel sink plug How to do

Jun 15, 2017

Kitchen sinks are used to clean tableware, fruit and vegetables. However, there is always someone will encounter a blockage of the situation, this is because a lot of housewives will have some leftovers scraps pour in the sink, so that the sink blocked, encountered such a situation we how to solve it, the following stainless steel sink manufacturers to take a look at the sink plug some solutions.

Stainless steel sink plug How to do?

If the kitchen sink is found to be blocked should first turn off the faucet, you must not try to water through the impact of the sink in the impurities washed down, waterproof to cause more accumulation.

Second, the sink should be blocked to see what it is blocked, in the general family, the kitchen under the water pipe is in the U-shaped corner plug. Some water pipe will have a sewage screw, so just to unscrew it, and then use the steel wire will be on both sides. If still can not solve, can be under the water pipe all remove, in will all plastic connection mouth all unscrew, the internal impurities rinse and then assembled in turn, so that no more than half an hour can be done.


Third, in the general household water pipes are greasy to plug, therefore, before the dredge can be burned a pot of water under the water pipe will become better dredge. In the dredge can be used hand or hook and other tools to reach the drainage pipe, will be blocked in the dirt impurities to clear. If the first floor of the user, should check whether the outdoor sewer to push the leaves or silt caused by the drain plug.

Four, for the sink or sink drainage pipe see its no obvious blockage, can be used wet cloth to plug overflow hole, then use plunger to remove the sediment. If the plunger can not clear the blockage in it, you can place a bucket at the water bend of the drain, then twist down the pipe to clear the internal blockage.

Five, if it is still unable to solve the blockage problem, this means that these deposits are blocked in the depths of the knife, this should be timely notify the repairman to carry out treatment to prevent prolonged blockage of the pool water.