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Stainless Steel Sink Maintenance Tips-Part B

Feb 19, 2020

5.Clean up the residues blocked by the kitchen sink strainer when washing vegetables or dishes in time. Do not forcibly discharge through the sewer, preventing sedimentation in the pipe trap and block the sewer.

6. Do not accumulate water in the stainless steel kitchen sink for a long time. If there is poor drainage, repair it as soon as possible. Remember not to put food such as lemons, sauces, and pickles in the stainless steel kitchen for a long time. Sewage residues are a breeding ground for bacteria. They not only easily corrode the appearance of stainless steel sink, leaving traces that are difficult to clean, but also more easily form bacterial biofilms on the surface of stainless steel sink, which endangers our health unconsciously.

7.Avoid preparing or pouring chemicals into stainless steel sink. If accidentally dropped, rinse with plenty of water immediately. do not use corrosive liquids to clean stainless steel sink, including handmade stainless steel sink and drawn stainless steel sink. Do not use steel balls or rough brushes to clean stainless sttel sink in order to avoid scratching the surface. When cleaning and wiping, follow the direction of the stainless steel wire drawing in case affecting the overall aesthetics of the stainless steel sink.

8.Slight water stains can be removed with ordinary neutral cleaners or toothpaste. More serious ones need to be treated with clean cloth and stainless steel cleaner.

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