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Stainless Steel Sink Maintenance Tips-Part A

Feb 19, 2020

1.During the stainless steel sink installation process, pay attention not to put plaster, paint, paint, Tianna water and other decoration materials into the bowl. Besides, it is better to wrap the stainless steel sink well with  plastic bags or non-woven fabrics until the installation is finished

2. Since there are often many iron filings and rust water in the water pipes of new houses, these impurities and rust water can easily accumulate and deposit on the bottom of the stainless steel sink, forming an electrochemical reaction, which will cause rust spots on the stainless steel sink. It is very important to wipe the stainless steel kitchen sink and keep it clean.

3. Remember don't to put low-carbon steel, cast-iron cookware into the stainless steel sink for a long time, and don't discard rubber dish-washing tablets, moist dish-washing sponges, and steel balls in the sink.

4. Do not cut food on the sink or drain board directly, especially hit frozen food, or it will cause irreparable scratch of the stainless steel sink.

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