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stainless steel kitchen sinks top mount double bowl

Jun 16, 2017

Stainless steel sink technology is that so?

Cold drawing stretching technology: different from the general water tank factory must be stainless steel heat treatment, pickling rear can stretch the sink, we hold the stainless steel direct stretching, that is, "cold stretch" of the top process: do not destroy the internal chemical and physical structure of stainless steel, to maintain the excellent texture of stainless steel surface, the process of complete environmental protection Cold-drawn stretches are only used by individual high-end brands.

Fine wire drawing process ordinary water trough using electrolytic method for the surface of the flume to increase the coating, the coating fell off the basin is quickly corroded, blackening. So it's not a good choice. Fine wire drawing using a variety of polishing materials, after 8 processes, showing the silk-like texture, not scale, easy maintenance, is the most environmentally friendly, high-grade surface treatment technology.

Table Plastic Technology Ordinary trough products must use the hook reverse fixed, to ensure the level of the table. Winster Kitchen and wei from the mold design, stretching, welding, such as a series of links to control, to achieve the sink Mesa height difference of less than 2 mm technology level, basic can not use the hook.

CNC Welding Technology: The use of imported welding equipment, according to the stainless steel material, thickness to determine the current voltage, to ensure that no virtual welding, more straight-looking welding path.

Home decoration in the choice of sinks according to the actual use of indoor area, as well as the owner's living habits to choose, and in addition to attention to the size of the sink, but also to pay attention to the quality of the sink and the use of products, such as whether the sink has a quiet design.