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stainless steel kitchen sinks 33 x 22

Jun 15, 2017

Stainless steel kitchen sink welding process, today we will introduce the next:

Welding quality is the most critical factor affecting the life of the sink, to be tight, no Weld, welding well, to prevent rust, desoldering, welding to smooth, smooth, no rust, no burr. From today's sink market point of view, all the basin depth of more than 450px, are through the welding. Because the double basin trough at the same time more than 450px (tank depth, not the tank side of the total height of the slot)), is the processing process of the limit depth, if the business or call it an integrated process, that is a lie. Now as long as the regular manufacturers out of the product, the welding process is the use of CNC wave soldering welding into the quality of the clearance.


 It is divided into two ways:

One is the pot and the panel welded together with the welding, also known as rolling welding (bottom welding). Its advantages are beautiful appearance, after a rigorous treatment is not easy to find the weld, the surface of the tank straight and smooth, the disadvantage is that some consumers doubt its strong degree. In fact, the current welding technology is mainly sub-arc welding and the most advanced CNC resistance welding, the quality has been clearance; for the bottom of the current technical conditions under the most mature technology, the premise is that if the NC welding. A few years ago in the domestic reference to the German technology, is the manual welding of workers, the welding point is very uneven, the actual is constantly traces of welding. And CNC welding to avoid the Weld, missed welding phenomenon. Remind you, when the choice of pots, you can seriously look at the weld there is a very thin section of the seam, and some words must be Welded. The disadvantage of this welding method is too much consumption of materials, and must be washed two pieces of steel. The following are the same as the "

The other is two single basin butt welding into one, also known as butt welding. The advantage is that the basin and the panel as a stretch forming, durable, the drawback is easy to see the welding traces, slightly less flatness. In fact, some of the so-called single-shaped double-slot is not a piece of stamping, but by two single-tank welding in a piece, we can pay attention to look at the spot, the solder joints in the middle of the two, Out, a plate into two sinks, the world is not the technology. For the most difficult to do is to ensure that the pot surface formation. If it can be guaranteed then it really is the best way. Because it is the same as the overall stretch with the material, but also can solve the joint stretch stretch problem. But on the market a lot of the pot are very perfect.