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stainless steel double bowl drop in kitchen sink

Jun 16, 2017

Sink Selection Notes - Sink Material Selection Introduction

Commonly on the market for most of the stainless steel, artificial stone, ceramics, etc., where the material selection of the sink will have to consider the kitchen decoration style and room color on the integration. Stainless steel sinks use the most, not only because the price with a variety of grades easy to choose, and stainless steel material out of the metal texture is quite modern, can achieve wild effect, and easy to clean, light weight, at the same time with corrosion, Resistant to moisture and so on.

The most popular stainless steel brushed sands and stainless steel embossing sinks have become the new darling of Western kitchens that overcome the shortcomings of water marks and easy scratches, and have a good sound absorption, the appearance of better, of course, the price is relatively high The Artificial stone sinks, commonly known as acrylic tanks, are very fashionable, corrosion-resistant, plastic, and have no seams at the corners, and are more mild than the metallic texture of stainless steel sinks. And acrylic has a rich color to choose from, can be used with the overall kitchen, but be careful to use, sharp knives and rough things will scratch the surface and destroy the finish.

Sink Selection Notes - Sink judgment

Production process first look at its production process, the existing process is divided into two types of welding and forming, welding quality is the most important factor affecting the life of the sink, to close, no Weld; a more advanced and very popular, but the production The process is difficult, 0.8mm-1.0mm the best thickness, can be achieved with the perfect combination of strong and weak elasticity, optional as a standard; surface flatness, the line of sight and sink the same line, the edge of the sink should not be convex , No warping, the error is less than 0.1mm;

Accessories, PP material or UPVC hard down the high degree of sealing, can prevent leakage; the outlet is required ball positioning, squeeze sealed and Taiwan-controlled water, can quickly store water; overflow device to ensure kitchen safety ;

But also have a muffler, silencer pad or silencer coating is a good way; sink depth, compared to Europe and the United States family, we used to use thicker dishes, so the depth of the sink should also be considered, 180mm-200mm Suitable.