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stainless steel bar sink drop in

Jun 16, 2017

Stainless steel kitchen Sinks often have the following questions

1. Pipe blockage

How to deal with it: if the sink is clogged, the water pipe is closed first, and it is impossible to flush the impurities down with water. For the foreign bodies of the drainage outlet, the use of discarded toothbrushes, wire and so on to pick out. The general sewer pipe can be removed, the demolition of the time to pay attention to put a water basin below the sewage, to prevent dirty cabinets. After the water pipe is removed, if there is lettuce, silt and other sundries can be used wire, such as hook out, if it is greasy jam, can be poured into hot water before dredging.

2. Heavy oil stain

Coping method: After rinsing the surface of the sink, sprinkle the baking soda into paste, smear and rinse according to the extent of the oil. Then fill the sink with water, pour the white vinegar, or fill the sink with a paper towel filled with white vinegar, and wait half an hour to take the paper towel. Then use the nylon sponge to dip on the soapy water, for the sink to do the final cleaning is done ~

Another way to do this is to use the Apple kernel that we have left every day to finish cleaning. The core of the fruit is cut and repeatedly rubbed into the inner wall of the tank, and the pectin in the Apple kernel can be well removed from the oil and is suitable for use every day.

3, Drainage mouth odor

Coping method: This problem is usually under the water pipe and floor drain is not properly sealed, with an electrician adhesive tape or glass sealant on the line. Then pull the hose that leads to the lower pipe, wrap a few fresh-keeping membranes at the end of the pipe, and plug in the water pipe.

4. Floating Rust white film

Coping method: The surface of the trough floating rust white film, can be toothpaste, talcum powder, derusting water wipe.

Use talcum powder to remove rust point: With a small talcum powder into the dry sink, with a clean and soft cloth in the spot where the rust is polished;

Remove rust water: With a clean soft cloth stained with a small amount of rust-removing water in the spot where the rust gently wipe.

5, easy to dye

Coping method: The general stone trough is easy to stain, can use flour and detergent mixture made into paste, will be prepared paste in the water sink dyeing place, on the surface paved with a layer of fresh film overnight, and then will be removed, so that the paste further drying adsorption stains, and then with a razor blade to scrape off. If the dyed area is removed after the surface is dimmed, it can be performed again after one weeks.