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stainless steel bar sink drain

Jun 01, 2017

(1) Stainless steel sink drainage filter is in the state of water storage, pour water 2h after the leakage should not be greater than 1%.

(2) Water tank drainage hard pipe wall thickness

a:The pipe wall thickness of the drainage pipe shall be not less than the following:

The water storage Bend Pipe assembly is 1.57mm, and the drainage pipe body (save water Bend pipe) is 1.62mm.

b:The drain body made of brass or stainless steel is 0.56mm. The others are 0.38mm.

(3) The water seal height of the water storage bend pipe shall not be less than 50mm.

(4) The drainage mechanism and the trough body should be strict, should not have the seepage leakage phenomenon, in the discharge hot water the hose will not shift from the connection place.

(5) The drainage mechanism shall be able to discharge the water of the full sink in 2min, and the bottom of the water shall not have the phenomenon of flake residue.

(6) The drainage pipe after the aging performance test should be no cracks, no seepage leakage phenomenon.

(7) stainless steel sink carrying capacity

a: The bottom of the tank should be able to withstand 100kg concentrated load, and its deformation should be less than 3mm.

b: After 100kg load, the sink, crack, and other abnormal phenomena should not be included.

(8) the Muffler pad

a: must be pasted firmly and clothes, and the noise can be greatly reduced when the water is used.

b: The use of adhesives should comply with HJ/T 220-2005 "Environmental labeling products Technical Requirements Adhesives"

(9)Anti-Seepage coating

a: effectively prevent the back condensation, dripping phenomenon.

b: The coating should be solid, uniform spraying, not allowed to have flow marks, threadbare, wrinkles and shedding defects.