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stainless double bowl sink

May 20, 2017

Maintenance of stainless steel double bowl sink

1, the new house after the first use of the sink, first water 5-10 minutes, will be a pipe containing rusty substances in the discharge of clean, and soft cloth to wipe the surface of the sink clean. It is best to test the water 2-3 times a day, to ensure that the rust water emissions clean.


2, the requirements of the construction staff in the installation of the sink after the plastic bag, after the completion of the decoration of plastic bags to use.

3, do not long time will be soft iron or rust products with the trough contact, without strong strong alkali in the sink cleaning items, each use after the trough body clean and wipe dry cloth.


4, if the surface of the trough floating rust, should be timely with talcum powder, derusting water or $modeltype sandpaper wipe. (use talcum powder to remove rust point: With a small talcum powder into the dry sink, with a clean and soft cloth in the rust point of the site to wipe); (with derusting water removal: With a clean soft cloth stained with a small amount of rust-removing water in the spot where the rust point gently wipe); (with $modeltype sandpaper folded into a small corner in the spot where the rust is polished). Any product needs your maintenance, if you do in the use of the above several aspects, your home stainless steel sinks will always be used often new, also will be your family to do delicious food good racket block.