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stainless bar sink faucets

Jun 12, 2017

The maintenance and maintenance of the stainless bar sink faucet

1, the water is not uniform or small water: may be because the faucet mouth (outlet or called the bubbler), due to water quality problems, inside the water stains gathered in the network mouth block; solution is: the water out of the mouth, With a waste toothbrush can be cleaned; there is a possible because the water plug the plug of the water hose, the solution is: the water hose can be removed, can be cleaned.

2, can not close the water: the spool must be a problem, you can remove the red and blue mark, with the hexagonal tool to remove the faucet handle, the spool replacement (the general by the professionals or manufacturers to deal with better).

3, the leading surface of chrome-plated layer of flowers or the emergence of water mist: the method is to use a dry cloth to wipe the water can be a serious cleaning with vinegar can be.

Special Note: Do not scrub the faucet with sink faucets!