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stainless bar prep sink

Jun 12, 2017

Although the sink is a decoration in the accessories, but in all kinds of kitchen supplies, the use of the highest frequency of the sink. After dinner, 65% of the time to deal with the sink, so it is the importance of family life is self-evident. At present, the market has a variety of water tank, different materials have different characteristics, style is not the same. 

Stainless steel sink part: if there is "floating embroidery", "mildew" how to do?

A, the reasons for the resulting:

1, the kitchen decoration, welding, cement, oil and other residues in the sink surface, not timely cleaning may cause rust, mold;

2, many areas of China's poor water quality, coupled with water pipes are mostly galvanized pipe, water and other elements of high iron content, the use of sink, if the residue more water stains, over time, the water will rust rust, especially the new house decoration , Such as water pipes in the long-term residual water left in the water tank is not timely cleaning, it is easy to cause "floating embroidery";


3, sometimes, the newly renovated house with mineral or acid, alkaline dust floating sink surface encountered wet will also cause "floating embroidery" appears;

4, choppers, scissors, opener and other steel items placed on the surface of the tank for a long time, will cause "floating embroidery", mold or discoloration;

5, chemical agents, cleaning agents, paints, sauces, oil and other residues in the sink, over time, will cause moldy stick in the sink surface.

B, prevention and treatment methods:

1, the kitchen decoration, the sink finally installed before the installation of water pipes in the long-term residual water row net, installed, the tank thoroughly washed;

2, each time after using the sink to clean the sink, no stolen goods and water stains;

3, do not put the chopper, opener and other long stay in the sink, in particular, do not use steel ball scrub sink;

4, in case of "floating embroidery", "mildew", available toothpaste coated in the rust point, spot, with a scrubbing cloth scrub clean.