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small sinks for kitchens stainless

Jun 15, 2017

Kitchen stainless steel sinks related size requirements

1, the horizontal length of stainless steel sink, in general, this and the number of sinks in the basin, the more the more pots or wings, will increase the length of the sink. In general, the single basin in 1000px or so, double basin in 2000px or so, three basins are generally about 2750px. Specific look at the specific sink! Not very standard size! 


2, the length of the longitudinal length of the stainless steel tank and the vertical length of the relationship between the table: the size of the sink are almost the same, because the size of the table are mostly 13750px wide. Buy the sink before the first to measure the width of the table, the width of the tank than the width of the table 10-375px (generally 250px enough) around. Kitchen cabinet table size in the 1250px-1500px, sink width of 1075px-1200px. Because if the sink and the table edge is too wide, then one is not beautiful, the second use of the need to probe into the operation tired. If it is too narrow, when the sink is filled with water, the table is likely to be broken because the edge is too narrow to withstand the weight of the sink.

3, stainless steel sink depth: suitable for domestic use of the depth of the sink than Europe and the United States to be slightly deeper, we used to use thicker dishes, 180mm-200mm more appropriate, the advantage is large capacity, splash. But the sink is not the deeper the better, in fact, when washing is rarely filled with water needs, the basin is too deep, full of water is a waste of water, but also time-consuming, put too little, but also bent over from the human body structure theory, Is unreasonable. But too shallow is not very good, easy to spill water, generally according to different people who have the greatest permission range is 150mm-210mm more reasonable, practical point of view for the average person, or 180mm-200mm best. 

5, the inner corner of the treatment: high-quality sink within the corner of nearly 90 degrees, the water inside the larger, larger volume of the basin, can increase the use of the sink area.