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small kitchen sinks and taps

Jun 15, 2017

You know, the sink is a very important tool for the kitchen, so be careful about the choice of the sink. In addition, the sink faucet is also a very important appliances, so here to suggest that everyone in the choice of water sink faucet, but also pay attention to purchase skills. Today, I will put together some of the more simple way to buy.


Select the depth of the sink

The depth of the sink needs to match the space of the cupboard. Slot Groove depth is also related to the price of the important factors, often the deeper the cost of slotting, but also pay attention to the purchase of space with the cabinet. In addition, the greater the space inside the sink, the higher the utilization rate, the better the practicability of the flume.

Selected material

The material of the flume is stainless steel, ceramics and so on. But note that the plate should not be too thick. When choosing stainless steel sinks, the plate of the 1.0 mm thick sink is generally enough to use. Too thick, too high intensity is not necessarily a good thing, such as accidentally dropped bowl into the sink, the result of the sink hardness too high easily smashed the bowl. High-quality sink faucet is made of stainless steel, and stainless steel is a kind of ferroalloy, the proportion of steel is 7.87, which added nickel, chromium heavy metals, the proportion of these metals than steel, so the weight is heavier. Good sink faucet, there will be a strong texture, through the weighing can be distinguished.

Selected Accessories

Choose the sink another very important factor is the accessories, sink faucet's good and bad directly related to the cost of future maintenance, water pipe sealing, corrosion resistance is to determine whether the main factor in the future leakage; there is no steel ball positioning, squeeze-type seal, Taiwan-controlled water (that is, the sink on the table has a knob can control the sealing or drainage device), overflow port device, muffler series devices, etc. are the standard of good or bad, consumer choice needs special attention.