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Sink installation not necessary glass glue

Nov 15, 2016

No longer plastic glass, more glass glue not sealed good, sealing can be done: 1, waterproof. Seals are made of silicone, rubber and glass composition is largely the same, so the waterproofing effect is exactly the same. 2, anti-mould, and beautiful. We all know that no matter how good the plastic glass, used a few years later there are some signs of yellowing and moldy, and seal inside the sink edge, from the appearance of the top do not see so beautiful performance is very strong. 3, shock absorption and protection, noise reduction. Glass top is the edge of the sink are directly affected by force, more or less in the daily use of the sink on the quartz Stone Edge there is friction. And the adhesive force is different, soft touch to the table without any impact to reduce vibration, at the same time and this will reduce the noise. 4, environmental protection. Glass sealant are toxic, the smell is acidic, it's hard to hear. Rubber environmentally friendly glass glue than more.