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single undermount stainless steel sink

Jun 15, 2017

In life, people want to live a comfortable and intimate life, fortunately, nowadays people's quality of life compared with the past has a great improvement, the use of appliances are more practical. The most important in the kitchen is the water tank, for the choice of the sink is very exquisite, the following for everyone to tidy up some stainless steel sinks to pay attention to the purchase

1. Look at the production process of the sink. The existing process is divided into two types: welding and one-time forming, welding quality is one of the key factors affecting the life of the Flume, which is close, without virtual welding; one-time molding is more advanced also popular, but the production process is very difficult, 0.8mm-1.0mm thickness is good, can achieve a strong and weak elasticity perfect combination;

2, look at the bottom of the sink there is no protective coating. The bottom of the sink is added with a protective coating that is used for sound and condensation water to prevent mildew from the cabinets it touches. A better coating is to use mortar to spray the back of the tank, the common is a rubber gasket affixed to the bottom, but also can play a static sound effect;


3. Look at the sewer system. Water system is a sink in the whole easy to bad parts, here to remind you to use the water tank as far as possible to choose large water, the material is stainless steel. The lower water pipe as far as possible is the PP material under the water pipe, is stronger than the PVC water pipe.

In fact, the price will be based on your choice of the size of the flume to decide, the price of different sizes is not the same, I hope you can like the introduction above. In the kitchen of all kinds of utensils, often under the kitchen people have experience, the use rate of sinks is even far greater than the cooker and other facilities, visible to the quality of the sink is relatively high. The quality of stainless steel sinks is recognized, and the price of stainless steel sinks is also relatively moderate, so the cost-effective is also very good.