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single undermount sink with drainer

Jun 11, 2017

Sink is an important part of every family, so many of our families choose to buy stainless steel sink when they will pay special attention to some basic characteristics of the sink, then the market is now divided into several stainless steel sink, What is their performance? Recently, I came to the stainless steel sink procurement market for some comparison and understanding. Here we take a look at the stainless steel sink how to choose?


After some observation and understanding, I learned that the current sink is divided into single sink, double sink and three sinks. According to Miss shopping guide introduced, single slot is often the kitchen space is relatively small family to use, because the single slot is not so easy to use, so can only meet the most basic cleaning function. And double-slot is now used by most families, both the two rooms or three rooms, double-slot that can meet the needs of clean and separate treatment. The three slots because of the special design, more suitable for a personality style of the big kitchen, because it can also be soaked or washed and stored and many other functions, so this sink is suitable for villas and other large size of the kitchen.