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Single & Double Sink Matching The Same Cutting Template

Jul 26, 2019

Generally, every stainless steel sink has its own unique cutting template. But recently, Symbol has developed a series stainless steel kitchen sinks that matching the same cutting template. They are 50/50 undermount stainless steel kitchen sink (SS-3218) and the new large single bowl undermount sink (SS-3218S). All these undermount sinks are available both in 16 gauge and 18 gauge thickness. Besides, the drawn stainless steel sinks not only can be packaged in individual carton box but also can be nested on pallet to maximize the the loading quantity. And then save on lots of overall costs.

Except drawn stainless steel sinks, some models of our handmade stainless steel kitchen sinks can use the same cutting template. There are some examples as following:

(1) zero radius corner double bowl handmade sink ZD-3218 and zero radius corner single bowl handmade sink ZS-3218

(2)small radius corner double undermount kitchen sink RD-3218 amd small radius corner single undermount kitchen sink RS-3218

(3) double undermount stainelss steel handemade sink ZD-3219 and single undermoutn stainless steel handmade sink ZS-3219

(4) double bowl handmade kitchen sink RD-3219 and single bowl handmade kitchen sink RS-3219

Drawn 3218 Sink Series

   SS-3218S   SS-3218

Handmade 3218 Sink Series-1

      ZS-3218       ZD-3218

Handmade 3218 Sink Series-2

      RS-3218       RD-3218

Handmade 3219 Sink Series-1

      ZS-3219        ZD-3219

Handmade 3219 Sink Series-2

          RS-3219           RD-3219