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single bowl top mount stainless steel kitchen sinks

Jun 16, 2017

Kitchen sink to single basin - single basin type

Large single basin basin basin large, the selection is more convenient and comfortable, the current market has a length of more than 900mm long basin type. Modeling and more luxurious style, of course, the price is more expensive In line with the Oriental cooking habits, single volume, use up spacious, you can enlarge the pot, suitable for Chinese families. Like the large space in the washing, large single basin sink is a good choice. Many families are still used to wash the fruits and vegetables with vegetables, chopsticks, etc., single basin is very dominant in size, do not have to worry about not pot, pots. Some long, thick vegetables do not break, cut will be able to be placed in the sink cleaning, with very smooth. Single basin on the requirements of the faucet is relatively simple, you can put aside the freedom of choice.


The disadvantage of a single basin sink is not suitable to install a garbage processor, because only one of the sink, installed garbage processor once the problem affected the use, usually without garbage processor, sewage has to go through here, will affect the garbage processor life The At the same time greasy things and muddy things with a sink in the cleaning, will inevitably affect each other, so that the place should be clean to become the most vulnerable place. At this time, the cleaning work of the sink is very important and need to take the trouble to clean it.