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should sink and faucet match

Jun 10, 2017

1. Stainless steel sink with stainless steel faucet is best. If the surface of the sink is polished, it can be chrome-plated.

2. Polished lines are more obvious, with stainless steel look good, or nickel-plated brass of the copper faucet (this surface looks and stainless steel faucet almost).

3. Artificial marble / granite sink, spray paint the surface, the same color, the general business have matching optional.


From a functional point of view

Must be hot and cold!

A. With LED screen electronic touchpad to adjust the water temperature, watching is very stunning, very smart, cool, but you really want to use, will consider 30 degrees and 33 degrees difference? This must Tucao, boring design.

B. With a shower head, or just pull the head. This is suitable for a large sink, you can pull out the spit out the random wash, you can also choose a spring, but also convenient. Pull the tube, there are stainless steel, nylon rope. The sound of stainless steel is large, if the quality is poor, it will be broken like chicken. The Nylon rope no noise, but with a long time will be raised.

C. Outlet with LED red and blue lights, with the water temperature will change color. But I feel nothing to use.

D. Outlet pipe with front touch switch, this is also good, sometimes the hands of sticky flour ah, ah oil, do not want to touch the handle, the arm touched, it off, and then touch, and open.