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round stainless steel sink bowl

Jun 01, 2017

The first cost is relatively low, can be mass production, in fact, these are the most important factors of business, like many friends have noticed the overall cabinet, the market is often a big brand of particleboard, is because particleboard can be convenient for factory production and long-distance transportation, as well as the installation of convenient workers master. and stainless steel material is also so, not only can be integrated stamping, and mature process, high production efficiency, relatively low cost, consumers can also accept.

Second, the tableware is very good, tableware and cutlery, and most of them are ceramic products, put into the sink when flushing, a slight collision and vibration will not be affected, because the stainless steel elastic, can counteract a lot of force. And in who is the tank car in the sink mentioned in the cast iron sinks, enamel surface, although very strong, but because there is no elasticity, bumps inevitable, other quartz stone, ceramics, granite also so.


Third, stainless steel corrosion resistance, in fact, the corrosion of water is relatively large, some friends will say, how can the water have corrosive? Pure water has no corrosive property, but our water contains a lot of ions, these ions through the water medium, very easy and iron and other metals to form electrochemical corrosion, such as the cast iron sink is solid, but if the enamel layer is broken, then the water will easily be damaged there to wear. Stainless steel because it contains nickel-chromium metal, corrosion resistance and other performance is very good, so will not rust, not corrosion.