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round kitchen sink and drainer

Jun 13, 2017

Stainless steel round sink

1, beautiful technology, long service life. Terrazzo sink is a full set of imported high-precision mold, through the step-type drawing process, so that the depth of the sink (that is, capacity) than the domestic ordinary sink to large, and its appearance more fluent, beautiful, novel, chic; The design is focused on the appearance and applicability of the separation, which is full of beautiful blending contours and curves at the same time, but also demonstrated its functionality and its applicability; import all computer-controlled pearl face disposal, making manual The appearance of the sink material molecular structure rearrangement, so Olin sink appearance of the hardness than the ordinary sink 2 times higher, which can better extend the service life of the tank; imported CNC frequency welding process to stop welding, making the welding fastness of the sink, Load and so are higher than the national norms; Deli sink appearance after silver matte treatment, so its feel good, light refraction is more moderate, and the visual comparison of comfort, more generous tolerance.


2, with reverse osmosis function. Large double double filter filter, can be a very comprehensive filter of uneven thickness of the leftovers, which is very effective to prevent the phenomenon of sewer infarction, for the warm life to add unlimited source of power; the opposite through a common process of disposal , With muffler and anti-seepage steam function.

Kitchen Sink Drain Pipe - Installation First Problem Introduction

The first step, install the overflow hole of the water pipe and filter basket down the water pipe. The overflow hole is to avoid the overflow of the sink to protect the hole, so when installing the overflow hole in the water pipe, pay attention to its seal with the tank at the seal, to ensure that the overflow hole of the water pipe itself does not leak. Filter the basket of water pipes in the installation, the main attention between the water pipe and the convergence between the tank, not only to be strong, but also to seal.

Kitchen Sink Drain Pipe - Installation Intermediate

The second step is to install the overall drain and hangers. People usually buy two filter basket, but the distance between the two water pipes are far away, at the time of installation, the workers will be based on the actual situation of the matching drainage pipe cutting, then we should pay attention to each interface Between the sealing, the common problem of water leakage occurs in these convergence. After the sink is placed on the table, it is necessary to install the supporting coupons between the tank and the table, and install the sink firmly to avoid the small gap in the tank.

Kitchen Sink Drain Pipe - Installation Final Step Introduction

The third step, the drainage test and edge. After the basic installation is completed, the filter basket is also installed, and then began to do the drainage test, when the test needs to fill the tank filled with water, while testing the two filter basket and overflow hole drainage of water. Drainage, if found to have the phenomenon of water seepage, should immediately rework the corresponding location to ensure that the future use of no harm. After the drainage test done, to ensure that no problem, you can seal the edge of the sink. When the edge of the edge with silicone, to ensure that the gap between the sink and the table evenly, can not have the phenomenon of water seepage. After the completion of the edge, the installation of the tank will be successfully ended.