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RIP in your sink is not easy to clean dirty

Nov 15, 2016

1, the pipe plug, solution: If the sink plug, first turn the water off, wants to water down impurities is possible. Outlet for foreign objects, you can use tooth brush, pick out the wire and other waste. General sewer pipe can be removed, remove when you want to put a note in the following wastewater basin to prevent sewage stained cabinets. Hose removed if there are leaves, mud and other debris with wire hooks, if are greasy plug, pour in hot water first and then unblock. 2, oil stains, solution: sink after rinsing the surface, sprinkle baking soda into a paste, according to the degree of oil paint and rinse. Then fill the sink with water, pour white vinegar, or impregnated with white vinegar paper towels covered with sink, waiting for half an hour after taking a tissue. Then use a nylon sponge with soapy water, final cleaning the sink.