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Properly installed stainless steel sinks and other kitchen hardware supplies can effectively avoid the kitchen pollution

Nov 15, 2016

Since in the 1980 of the 20th century, States began to pay attention to the Interior, the health effects of air pollution and health problems. Who in the early 1980 of the 20th century in the Netherlands was held for the first time "indoor air quality and health" meeting has been held several times, the purpose of which is to study the relationship between indoor air quality and human health, climate, so as to awaken people to care about indoor air quality and environmental issues. Study on indoor air pollution and its prevention is a very important task. As the ultimate victims of environmental pollution is human. Modern Windbreak more time indoors, especially in infants and the elderly and disabled at home longer. Second indoor than outdoor air pollution levels are often serious. And the kitchen, indoor air pollution air pollution is a large part of its pollution early attention to the home environment.