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Natural Cleaning Solutions For Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Jan 22, 2018

One of the perks of having stainless steel kitchen sink is easy cleaning and maintenance. Knowing the right and inexpensive way to properly clean your sinks will not only make cleaning and maintenance faster but also way way cheaper. Here are some everyday kitchen items that you can use to easily clean and maintain your kitchen sink.

1. Soft wash cloth: an item you typically have in the kitchen and can use for a long time. Make sure that the wash cloth you use is soft and gentle for your sink. Soft wash cloth can dry or clean up your sinks daily.

2. Scouring pads: Scouring pads can not only be used for pots but also for stainless steel sink cleaning. This common household item can be used to scrub your stainless steel sink. Make sure to scrub the sinks in the direction of the grains.

3. Baking soda and white vinegar as deep cleaning solution: common cooking ingredients that can deep clean your stainless steel sink and bring it back to life.

4. Orange and lemon peels: typically thrown out the trash, these fruit peels can absorb foul smell and deodorize your kitchen. Just leave it on your strainer overnight and throw it out the next day.

5. Very thin layer of olive oil: Your sink will shine like a diamond with very little amount.

6. Club soda: bring luster to your sink by scrubbing club soda to it. In fact this is used to clean off sinks that are exhibited in showrooms.

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