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Nano Titanium Plating Sink of Symbolsink

May 07, 2018

In pursuit of innovative technology, Symbolsink became one of the leading factory who have mastered nano technology. Nano technology features sinks in various contemporary colors. Colors that are known for its stunning finish. This sink finish has antibacterial properties and is more resistant to typical stainless steel sink wear and tear. It isn’t only eye-catching but generally have better quality than typical stainless steel sink. It embodies luxury.


Nano titanium plating sinks took years to fully perfect. This technology was accessible for many years yet it couldn’t be perfected til now. During the development of our sinks, a stringent quality testing was done to ensure the quality of this finish.


This technology comes with our latest upgrades. Now, Symbolsink is not only bigger in workshop areas, highly advanced in equipment and techniques, systematic in production flow, but also more developed in production.

black nano sink.jpg