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large sink stainless steel

Jun 14, 2017

Kitchen sink for the mainstream of stainless steel sink, because it is more environmentally friendly than other synthetic materials, health, easy to clean, not dirty, not oil, do not change color, commonly used as new. And wear resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, rust resistance, good toughness (weak elasticity) to protect the tableware impact without damage, stainless steel and long life, the tank body is light, easy to install and maintain.


How to choose the sink accessories?

Not only have a good sink, the sink of the water accessories and auxiliary accessories is also very important.

● Choose large diameter drainage (50mm) environmental protection PP or ABS material, with U-shaped curved water pipes, deodorant, drainage fast, more smooth; good material long life

● Select large diameter drainage (50mm) double-layer stainless steel water separator, double filter, easy to plug, drainage more smoothly

● with the sink with the perfect accessories (cutting board, drain blue, etc.), the use of more convenient.

Stainless steel sink selection 201 or 304?

201 stainless steel high hardness, poor stretch, stamping easy to break, easy to rust, sink short life

304 water rust steel heat, corrosion resistance, good toughness, excellent mechanical processing performance, to ensure that the quality of the tank, of course, choose 304 stainless steel