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large single stainless steel kitchen sink

Jun 14, 2017

The development speed of the times is more and more rapid, science and technology is more and more developed, the market all kinds of things are more and more. Like the kitchen sink in our house, there are many brands on the market. Have you ever heard of a large single kitchen sink tub? Do you know what's going on in our big single tub? Next, let me introduce you to the process of the single basin kitchen sink.


Different from the general water tank factory must be stainless steel heat treatment, pickling rear can stretch the sink, we hold the stainless steel direct stretching, that is, "cold stretch" of the top process: do not destroy the internal chemical and physical structure of stainless steel, to maintain the excellent texture of stainless steel surface, the process of complete environmental protection Cold-drawn stretches are only used by individual high-end brands. We master flume panels and slots using a full piece of stainless steel sheet stretching forming the flume forming technology. One-stretch formed flume is not easy to deform, more durable, and without welding, more economical and beautiful.

The ordinary trough uses the electrolysis method for the trough surface to increase the coating, the coating falls off the basin body quickly to corrode, the Blackening. So it's not a good choice. We adopt the original soft silk surface treatment technology, after many processes, showing the texture of silk-like, non-fouling, easy maintenance, is the most environmentally friendly, the highest level of surface treatment technology; We have the whole process of intelligent monitoring of the water tank welding, advanced metal numerical control welding technology, positioning more accurate, welding more precise, uniform appearance of the weld, to ensure that the quality of the Flume stable and have a longer life.