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large single bowl kitchen sink

Jun 14, 2017

Development course of stainless steel sink

1. The first appearance of stainless steel sinks such as this, a single function, in addition to the sink is very faucet, basically no other functions.

2. The second generation of stainless steel sinks for the first time to consider the use of water may overflow problems, so the design of the basin bottom overflow hole and overflow water system design to prevent overflow.

3. The change of this generation of products is the stainless steel wire drawing and grinding and other processing, changed the previous product single mirror form, more resistant, wear resistance.

4. This generation of products is mainly in the design aspects of a more humane

After a busy day of work, the home let us feel cordial and warm is the side of the small kitchen with the fragrance of their own food, it is precisely because of this, the kitchen in the modern decoration by more and more family attention. So, what do you know about the sink, which is likened to the kitchen heart?


First generation (mainstream of the 50-70)

Seeing this cement sink, it might make many of our friends think of the shared sink in our childhood alley, it was such a sink. To provide many people to wash their faces, brush their teeth, wash vegetables, laundry, dishwasher and other functions, sinks are often a bustling scene, is a common use of Chinese families earlier sinks. Although the responsibility is more, but because it is cement system, so not only the visual effect of a large discount, and humid easy to breed disease bacteria.

Second generation (the mainstream of the 70-80)

After the cement sink, this ceramic material sink is the most widely used, its bright shape in the 80 's many families welcomed, but this kind of sink is troublesome, because the ceramic surface will have some small pores, so once the cleaning is not enough, some oily dirt is very easy to penetrate into the impact of beauty, and once the heavy bump is prone to crack, affecting the service life.

Third generation (90 's-current mainstream)

After the 90 's, China's sink market has added stainless steel and stone materials as the main "rookie", although the stone trough and now the general use of artificial Shitai surface matching up more, but because of its good quality generally high cost, and not too resistant to grease and other factors, so dirty, hot, easy to clean and cost-effective stainless steel sinks have become the first choice for many families.