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large double kitchen sink

Jun 13, 2017

Good quality on the market large double kitchen sink, often with 304 medical stainless steel as raw material, and do not add chemical substances, color is better, wear, acid and alkali resistance, able to withstand high temperatures.


No special process for surface treatment of stainless steel sink prone to be scratched, acid and alkali is not enough phenomenon, a wounded sink is difficult to make people feel satisfied with the kitchen.

Currently on the market common large double kitchen stainless steel sink, the surface treatment is generally divided into three kinds: matt, brushed and mercerized. They refer to the surface of the sink treated once, twice and three times of the polishing process, respectively. Polishing treatment can improve the wear resistance of the sink, acid and alkali resistance. Among them, after three polished mercerized sink the highest brightness, giving a shiny visual experience, contact with the skin touch is also very delicate; and matt, drawing the surface of the sink in the brightness of the less inferior, but Durability and finish as satisfactory. In addition, there is a durability in the three kinds of water tank above the stainless steel sink - embossed surface sink.