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kitchen with bar sink

Jun 12, 2017

First, according to the space choice kitchen with bar sink

Single slot, double slot suitable for smaller kitchen and bar

In the modern kitchen design, the function of the sink is obviously expanded, such as sinks and cabinets connected to the place was opened up a work area, so that the reservoir with a storage function.

Single slot is often too small space to choose the family, can only meet the most basic cleaning function; double slot design is widely used in the home, to meet the needs of cleaning and conditioning separately, but also because of proper possession of space and become preferred; Three trough or sub-slot because of the special design, more suitable for a personality style of the big kitchen and bar, it also has soaking or washing and storage and many other functions, but also make the food raw and cooked separately, save time and effort.


If the kitchen space is small, choose a single slot, double tank sink is more suitable; like washing in large space, large single basin sink is a good choice. If the kitchen or bar space is larger, the choice of the range is relatively wide, optional three trough or with a drain board sink.

Second, the kitchen maintenance:

Kitchen should be placed in the kitchen below the kitchen, kitchen to be kept dry, if the water dripping, as soon as possible with a dry cloth to wipe. Water tank inside the kitchen to be waterproof. If there is water leakage, first check the cause of leakage, if you can not handle, to find maintenance personnel to solve.

Third, the maintenance of hanging kitchen:

Do not place heavy objects in the kitchen, but should place lighter items, such as seasoning cans, glass and other objects, so as not to damage the kitchen.