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kitchen sink top mount vs undermount

Jun 16, 2017

Here are some common problems with the kitchen sink.

Faucet leaking

If the faucet is leaking, is generally along the faucet and sink the connection place leaks, then certainly is the seal out the problem, the bottom fixed faucet's big nut tighten, see how! If it is still in use, may be rubber pad run, first loosen the big nut, and then put the rubber pad, generally can be solved.

Hot and cold water pipe of faucet

Faucet hot and cold water pipe is screwed at the bottom of the faucet, the same, tighten can be, generally can be solved. If not, it is likely that the rubber mat out of the problem, the hot and cold water pipe to twist down, to see what the rubber mat in the end, repair good after tightening can be.

The connection between the sink and the table

If there is a gap, with glass glue can be resolved, buy tube glass glue, and then daub in the gap, and so on for 24 hours or so, the middle do not use and tamper with the sink, the glass gel after solidification, you can use. It is important to note that the surrounding water must be blown dry before smearing.

The water pipe is leaking.

Water leaks are more common. If it is the water pipe to turn the place of water leakage, the next pipe rotation is not easy to dismantle, even if the demolition is very difficult to install, so I suggest that you use glass glue or hot melt glue gun in this rotation place daub one weeks, after drying, I believe it can be resolved.

If it is under the water pipe nut twist where the leakage, tighten the nut, put the rubber pad can not be solved, the raw material will be wrapped to tighten, generally can be resolved.

There's a gap in the sink wall

This kind of more troublesome, general I suggest everybody still change a few, weld, have to find professional stainless steel welding place, need to disassemble down, and weld will leave very unsightly weld scar.