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kitchen sink single bowl top mount

Jun 16, 2017

Often stainless steel single slot size in the 635 * 560 * 200 or 520 * 370 * 200 are very good choice. And this type of sink price is relatively cheap 50-100 within the range and good quality of this part of the user is still acceptable.

I believe we are experiencing the problem is similar:

Choose a double slot, but the limited space at home, the kitchen is not big enough; single slot, sink is not big enough, at most, can only be installed a pot.


We first look at the stage basin and the stage basin installation difference:

In addition to the visual difference, in fact, they take up the space and size is the same!

So, if it is a small apartment kitchen, space is limited, and you want to get more use of space, then you can buy as much as possible a single slot.

But the premise is that there is a basin with pots, like this:

Large pens, coupled with pots in the basin, instant basin to double basin. In general, this basin basin can be a drain basin, it can be no drain function. Large basin of pots in the basin, sliding in the single basin to slide very convenient.

See here, some people will be disgusted with the toilet cleaning work is too large. In fact, as long as the home is used to pull the faucet, you do not have to worry about the sink and table and other dead cleaning problems. Pull the faucet minutes to help you get it!

Speaking here, presumably we have guessed what is "double slot change three slots".

Choose a double slot of the kitchen, the kitchen is generally larger space, the number of shared kitchen more families. Double trough change three trough, through the basin basin auxiliary role, you can make good use of the pool of space.

In addition to the size of the sink, for the material, Xiao Bian here to give you suggestions.

Kitchen supplies as frequently used items, must be selected durable. When we choose the sink, the material is very critical. If you encounter 3mm, 4mm thick sink, then you quickly join the order plan!

In addition, the current tank material, including 201 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel 2, and the real 304 stainless steel material is not rusty, more durable, so Xiaobian suggested as much as possible to buy 304 stainless steel sink. 304 material and easier to clean, to reduce the problems caused by many cleaning problems, such as stubborn stains residue.