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Kitchen Sink Pipe Replacement method

Jun 16, 2017

Prepare the material as follows: Buy a new sink water pipes, wrenches, triangular valves, raw materials, hose faucets.

If the family triangle valve rust off, first change a triangle valve. With a wrench to remove the old valve, the new valve is best copper, so more durable, to be in the thread there is a certain number of coils of raw materials, entangled how much this own master, the end of the leak for the ultimate purpose. Then twist the new brass triangle valve, a total of 2, a hot water pipe triangular valve is a cold water pipe triangular valve.


Now start to connect the faucet hose and faucet correctly. The faucet in my home is not broken, so I use the old one directly. The steps should be:

1, the first faucet casing directly in 2 hose;

2, then hose from below through the tap of the Jack,

3, and then the hose of the copper connector into the faucet, and 2 to tighten, twist the time must be careful to force, do not use brute force, with Chao Jin. Do not break out as shown in the figure below.

After these steps are complete, the last 2 steps are left, and one is to fix the faucet. One is to put the bottom of the triangle valve where the hot and cold water pipe respectively.