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kitchen sink offset drain undermount

Jun 14, 2017

In the sink used in the family, drain undermount is very important, if the purchase of kitchen sink drain undermount, the correct installation is very important, so today I would like to introduce to you the kitchen sink drain undermount installation of some of the problems and methods, I hope you can refer to understand, convenient to purchase later use.


Introduction to installation Issues

The first step is to install the water pipe of the overflow hole and the sewer of the filter basket. Overflow hole is to avoid the water tank to overflow the protection of the hole, so in the installation of water pipe overflow hole, to pay attention to the sealing with the groove body, to ensure that the overflow hole of the water pipe itself does not leak. In the installation of the sewer pipe under the filter basket, the main attention is attached to the connection between the water pipe and the groove body, not only to be firm, but also to be sealed.

Introduction to Installation Links

The second step is to install the whole drainage pipe and the hanging piece. People usually buy a sink with two filter baskets, but two of the distance between the water pipes, in the installation, the workers will be based on the actual situation of the drainage pipe to cut, it is necessary to pay attention to the sealing between each interface, the common leakage problem is occurring in these joints. After the sink into the table, you need to install a matching piece between the trough body and the countertop, and the sink will be securely installed to avoid the small voids that cause the groove to sway around the body.

Installation Final Steps Introduction

The third step is to carry out the drainage test and seal the edge. After the basic installation is completed, the filter basket is installed, and then the drainage test is done, the water tank should be filled when the test is done, and the drainage conditions of two filter baskets and overflow holes are tested. Drainage, if there is water seepage phenomenon, should be immediately to the corresponding location to rework, to ensure that the future use is not hindered. After the drainage test is done, make sure that there is no problem, the sink can be closed. With silicone sealing edge, to ensure that the sink and Mesa connection gap evenly, can not have water seepage phenomenon. When the edge is finished, the installation of the sink is finished.