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It's All About The Angles: Stainless Steel Sink Radius

Jan 22, 2018

The Interior angles of a stainless steel kitchen sink is referred to as Radius. Some sink has no radius at all which is commonly known as zero radius; while some has specific radius. Not many realize how much impact a radius would have on the appearance, cost and maintenance of a sink. Starting with appearance. The majority of people think that zero radius sinks look more high end and durable. This, of course, depends on your preference. Sink with radius has more curves which makes the sink looks sleeker.

Radius stainless steel sinks are easier to maintain and clean because you can easily reach all the corners of the sink. You can simply wipe the corners of the sink. While in zero radius sink, corners of the sink are hard to reach and would accumulate bacteria in time. This means you have to spend more time disinfecting your sinks.


As for the cost, you may wonder how the radius of the sink can affect the cost of the sink. The radius of the sinks limits the packaging of the sink. Since zero corner sinks cant be layered on top of the other, the only packaging option available for it is to pack one sink per carton. Which means the cost of delivery and packaging is higher, specially for imported sinks.


Sinks with the right angle or radius will allow the sinks to be layered on top of the other. This type of packaging will save a lot on transit cost since more sinks can be loaded in one delivery. Making a huge difference in bulk deliveries.


Sink radius aren't given enough importance by most consumer yet it make such huge differences.

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