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Introduction to the advantages of sinks

Jun 15, 2017

Introduction to the advantages of sinks

The advantages of a reasonable use of space: conventional home kitchen decoration, sink, faucet, water supply and drainage pipelines, garbage treatment and pipelines, water purifier and its pipelines, are the project installation personnel randomly placed, hydro mixed, one unsafe, two not beautiful, three unreasonable. and integrated trough through scientific and rational design, unified installation standards, standardized production can provide a better solution.

Advantages of two, functional integration: a product with a variety of product features, not only in the use of the kitchen to go back and forth frequently switch, and in the purchase of a product price is far lower than the price sum of a variety of products. Through the integration of product function, it realizes the product circulation channel, the integration of the customers ' purchasing channels, and saves the social resources.

Advantages of three, convenient after-sales service: the purchase of a variety of products through different channels and businesses, its after-sale costs are high, different products need to find a different business, the business between the mutually incompatible, mutual prevarication, to the user to bring about the increase in indirect costs, integrated trough a single channel, any part of the problem only find a business can be solved, convenient worry.

Advantages of four, fashionable shuxin: integrated trough through the factory's careful design and production, changed the past in order to decorate "go around" what things are to users to calculate the selection, different product style is not the same, together often "Earth cannon with the rifle" nondescript, and integrated trough through the overall design, integrated layout, the use of classic style, led the kitchen decoration fashion trend.

Five advantages, full-featured, integrated tank not only to complete the cleaning function of ordinary sinks, but also to provide direct drinking water, garbage disposal function. Food waste no longer soup water all the way to the door, directly from the mouth, save environmental protection and convenient; winter without the use of biting cold water to clean, small kitchen treasure to provide 24 hours of hot water wash dishes, intimate care;

Advantages Six, duplex design, exquisite workmanship, easy to operate: integrated sink after the overall connection of the baffle, double flanging, strengthen the structure, more strength, bearing more, no joint technology, completely solve the tableware hanging dripping water, easy to accumulate dirt on the wall surface, surface water seepage between the wall and other problems. Integrated tank rear baffle rack, with aviation aluminum alloy materials manufacturing, corrosion-resistant, beautiful and durable, and the use of the trough interactive form three-dimensional space, extending the use of the sink function. Family Food Kitchen Table humanized design, easy to operate, not only can hang a variety of tableware and dishes, on the side can be placed a variety of seasoning bottles, with integrated stove side, stir-fry cooking can be easily picked.