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Prerequisite for installing a stainless steel kitchen sink

Mar 23, 2017

There is a prerequisite for installing a stainless steel kitchen sink: it is necessary to reserve a good sink position.

Set aside the sink and provide the approximate size of the sink when ordering the sink. It is best to have a sink plan to provide, so as not to lead to rework.

When the sink is installed, the position of the table should be the same as the volume of the sink.

The sink to be installed firmly, the sink can not shake around.

Sink installed in the entire renovation is not a big project, but the installation process as much as possible to pay attention to the closure of the seal.

First check the accessories:

1  First, open the packaging, take out the sink and drainage components, check the accessories are correct and complete.

2  Cut a sink hole using the sink template. Check whether the silencer block is degumming.

3  Check the faucet at all parts of the crack, connecting the two ends of the sealing ring is missing, dislocation, damage, so as not to leak after installation.