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how to unclog kitchen double sink

Jun 14, 2017

Presumably everyone in the home has a kitchen bar, think of the kitchen has not considered the sink blocked how to do, is a simple pipeline aging needs to be replaced, or plug the need to dredge, then I then put the sink blocked how to do a summary of the problem, and give the corresponding solution.


Kitchen double sink blocked solution?

1, if the kitchen sink is found blocked, the first thing to do is to shut down the water pipe, so as not to cause more water, do not try to pass the impurities to wash down.

2. Let's see what's blocking the kitchen sink. General kitchen under the water pipe plug most of the place is U-shaped bend, if it is with sewage screws of the sewer, it is good to do, directly to its twist, but the best before processing, the bottom cushion a sewage basin, so as not to get dirty cabinets. After the twist, use the wire to pass the two sides, generally soon can be resolved. If it has not been resolved, you can remove all the water pipes, all the plastic connection to open the mouth, rinse clean, remove impurities in order after the assembly, not more than half an hour will be done.

Kitchen double sink outlet leakage edema do?

If the sink leakage reason is water leakage water tank, generally speaking, should be in the sink of the axle gasket damage, as long as the axis of the replacement of a cushion can be. Use pliers to rotate the gland, loosen and remove, and use the clamp to remove the grinding shaft gasket to replace the new.

Kitchen double sink Under the cracks leaking

The water in the bottom of the sink is leaking because it may be caused by the abrasion of the gland inner triangle gasket. At this time, as long as the tool will be the head of the screw rotation, loosen the screws and bolts, the gland to loosen down, and then the gland in the triangular sealing pad out, to replace a new triangular gasket can be.

Kitchen double sinks to take over the joint?

The main reason for the sink to take over the junction is that the cap-type nut of the faucet is loosened, as long as the lid-type nut is fastened or a new gasket can be replaced immediately to solve the problem.

Kitchen double sink water pipe aging leakage, seal not in place leaking?

Water pipe aging, sealing is not in place as long as the specific hardware to replace it. In the installation of hardware, a variety of impurities in the pipeline must be completely removed, to avoid valve core obstruction, clogging phenomenon. Some of the more troublesome hardware replacement is best to find professional maintenance staff to carry out a better maintenance. The sewer is clogged with leaks just to get rid of the debris, but it is not possible to dredge up or let professionals to dredge better, to avoid getting worse.