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how to remove old drop in kitchen sink

Jun 16, 2017

Stainless steel Kitchen Sink Cleaning method:

Part1: The cleaning of the sink to start from the foundation, the beginning of the use of the wall can be coated with a thin layer of oil, as far as possible to isolate the surface of the water tank contact with corrosive substances. New home decoration do not dump waste water in the sink, do not use chlorine-containing cleaning products such as bleach sinks, corrosive items and solutions if dropped into the sink should be immediately water rinse clean and immediately dry with a towel.

Part2: The sink should be cleaned often, please use neutral detergent, gently scrub, and then rinse with water, and use a sponge or dishcloth dry, spared the use of steel brushes or rough brush to prevent metal particles adhesion in the sink wall, over time, easy to produce rust spots, or the appearance of the sink scratches; do not make the water droplets remaining in the sink appearance, high iron content can lead to the appearance of the sink red color stain; If a stain is produced, the deposition can be removed using a low concentration of vinegar solution. Finally clean clean with water completely.

PART3: Sprinkle a little salt in the greasy spot, then wipe up and down with the old plastic wrap, wipe with warm water several times, also can let the sink bright as new. In the trough around the corner and the water can be dipped with a small brush or toothbrush salt, soapy water, cleaning agent wipe, underwater cover can be soaked with warm soapy water for more than 10 minutes to clean, to achieve the ideal decontamination effect. PART4: The dirt of the faucet should not be ignored, to deal with the aging of the dirt can be dipped with steel ball cleaning agent to wipe, with clean water, and then with a damp cloth dipped in toothpaste or directly with lemon slices repeatedly wipe, can let the faucet restore brightness. If there is a water stain on the faucet that is difficult to remove, a fresh lemon can be cleaned in circles on the faucet several times, and the water stain can be removed effectively. If the residual moisture in the sink produces a mineral deposit, it can be removed with warm water and vinegar, as well as toothpaste or talcum powder.