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How to Purchase an Appropriate Stainless Steel Sink

Jun 15, 2018

How to purchase an appropriate stainless steel sink? Here are some tips will help you.

Gauge its metal

If you want a strong and silent type stainless steel sink, 16 or 18 gauge stainless steel sink is the best choice. High-gauge drop-ins can be especially thin around the edges, making them ill equipped to support the heavier weight of a quality faucet.

Get a back-friendly depth

A 9 to 10 inch depth of stainless steel sink holds lots on your kitchen.

Give it the thump test

Looking for rubbery undercoatings and pads, which deaden the sound of running water and clattering silverware. If the sink sounds like a steel drum, it’s either lightweight or naked, or both.

Check the finish

A good stainless steel sink should have a lustrous satin finish, which will develop a better patina over time than matte-finish stainless steel.

Add points for drain

Some stainless steel kitchen sinks come with drain assemblies and baskets, but some does not. There’s location and design to consider too. A rear drain to the left or right is better.

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